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Take a luxurious bath in one of our specialized overflow swimming pools in Dubai.

One of the leading swimming pool builders in Dubai, Better Gardens Contracting LLC offers a variety of swimming pool designs and constructions to fit every taste and budget. Years of experience planning and building various swimming pools, including the well-liked overflow pool, are available from our team of professionals.

Stay Cool in the Desert Heat: Find the Perfect Pool Heater and Chiller for Your Dubai Swimming Pool

Overflow pools, sometimes referred to as infinity edge or vanishing edge pools, are an opulent and gorgeous improvement to any outdoor area. You'll have an amazing and distinctive swimming experience because to their optical illusion of water flowing into the distance. A catch basin at the pool's edge gathers spilling water as part of the overflow pool design, resulting in a continuous sheet of water that falls over the catch basin and into a concealed trough. The water is then pumped back into the main pool using this trough.

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What are overflow pool and what do they do?

A swimming pool has one or more edges that seem to blend with the surrounding environment or provide the appearance of an "infinity" edge is referred as an overflow pool, also known as a vanishing edge or an infinity pool. These pools have a secret hole or trough at the edge that collects overflowing water and directs it to a catch basin or surge tank. The pool's characteristic appearance is achieved by maintaining a constant water flow after the recycled water is pushed back into it.

Overflow pools are popular among luxury homeowners and commercial properties because they create a seamless and visually stunning connection between the pool and the surrounding environment. They are also practical because the continuous flow of water ensures that the pool is always filled to the proper level, which eliminates the need to add water manually. Additionally, the water that flows over the edge of the pool creates a soothing and relaxing sound that can enhance the overall ambiance of the outdoor space.

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